Welcome to Church ONLINE, the suggested guidelines
Stay connected with your congregation  
through these suggested platforms and apps 
you will need a reliable internet access,  
a computer or a smartphone
You can host Live worship services from your church's Facebook page. Some parishes have been doing so at their normal worshipping times on Sunday. When finished, there is an otpion to save your video on your content library. If you are using a laptop, use the Google Chrome web browser to go live. You will need a laptop with webcam, or a smartphone or tablet. You can also upload a pre-recorded videos on the same page. Your congregants will have to be members and followers on your church's Facebook page. 
This is a great meeting platform. The basic account is free and it can host up up to 100 participants and for up to 40 minutes. Some parishes have been using Zoom for services, executive and parish council meetings. In this platform you can see other participants in addition to the person leading the service, and other participants may lead certain parts of the service (readings, prayers, etc). Zoom is accessible both on a laptop, smartphone or a tablet. Your congregants may join a Zoom meeting either using their web-based platform, or by downloading the Zoom software on their smartphones.  
You will need to set up your Church's YouTube channel. Confirm that your channel is verified and that you have no live stream restrictions. To live stream on mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and there are no restrictions for those streaming from a computer. Alternatively, you can upload a pre-recorded video on your channel as some of our parishes have already been doing.  
The is a mobile messaging app most clergy use to share messages of hope and encouragement during the lockdown. You can create groups for the church's communication (leadership, guilds and ministries). Some churches have been using this for notices, liturgies to be used during online worship services. A group can be open for discussion and for others to post their contribution. A group can also be restricted to limit posts and irrelevant messages by setting the admins who will have the authority to post in a group.  

Live services enables us to be Church ONLINE, to connect with the people of God wherever they are and can it help us build a relationship with those we may otherwise have never met. But it is recommended that you do not do Live services just because everyone else is doing it. Each platform or strategy should be determined by the needs of your congregants and by what is possible.