The Bishop of Natal, The Right Revd Dr H.C.N. Ndwandwe
Bishop Nkosinathi was installed as the 11th Bishop of Natal on Saturday, 11th September 2021 at the Cathedral of Holy Nativity, Pietermaritzburg. 2007 he was ordained and consecrated as Bishop Suffragan in Natal. In 2017 he was translated to the Diocese of Mthatha. Bishop Nkosinathi is married to Revd Zanele and they have three children.

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege for Zanele and I to join this great Diocese, after spending 4 years in the wonderful Diocese of Mthatha. We thank you all for a warm welcome, and a memorable Installation service. I have been in the Diocese for 2 months already, and I continue to serve in the Diocese of Natal at such a time as this. It is a daunting task indeed, however I accept this responsibility with great humility. I entrust this Diocese to the prayers of the faithful.
I am grateful that I have been able to meet with some of the Diocesan Structures so far, with the purpose of understanding where the Diocese is currently. As we begin the Advent Season of 2021, let us pause to take stock of where we are. The whole world is trying to recover from the worst crises - the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous challenges resulting from it. Families are struggling, seeking to recover from the pain, loss and devastation caused by this pandemic. I pray for healing, by the power of the risen Christ, for those who lost their loved ones. 

As if the Covid 19 pandemic was not enough, July 2021 was marked by widespread riots and looting that broke out in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and parts of Gauteng, in the wake of former former President Jacob Zuma's incarceration. It is estimated than over 900 businesses in KZN were affected, and more than 10 000 jobs were at risk because of unrest-looting related incidents. Sadly, lives were lost as well. Many businesses have remained closed, resulting in loss of employment for many more people, the impact of which has been hugely felt by the Church.  
The season of Advent, therefore, has come at a time when we are seeking hope. We are all invited during this season, to find strength and hope in God's presence with us, in the Christ Child and in Kingdom of peace, which is unfolding even now. Scripture offers us an understanding of hope that is much more robust, hope that endures, and is purposeful because it has God as its source. Peter in his first letter says: "God, in his great mercy... has given us new birth into a living hope" (1 Pet. 1:3). It is therefore God, wh enables us to "overflow with hope", not only in good times; in fact, it is in dark and difficult times when hope truly shows its mettle. Hope doesn't ignore fear, anxiety, and doubt; it faces them, whilst firmly anchored in God, in the midst of chaos. 
This Diocese has been greatly endowed by God, not just with skills, but with people who have been blessed economically and financially. I want to appeal to all who have the means to help the Diocese. Let us not allow history to judge us as people who failed to preserve the legacy of this Diocese. Many of you have done well to ensure that your parishes stay afloat, but I would like to challenge you to look beyond your parish, but to the Diocese especially at this time. I want to assure you that this state of affairs is not permanent. This is God's Church, and it will change for the better. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to those parishes which have continued to hold on to the vision of the Diocese as a family by continuing to pay their assessment. 
I would like to wish you all the family of the Diocese of Natal, including Clergy, laity, Diocesan Guilds, Institutions, and all members of Diocesan Committees a blessed and joyous Christmas. May we all experience the love and peace of Christ during this time of great mystery, whereby God emptied himself and chose to dwell among us fragile as we are as human beings.I also wish you a happy and prosperous New year. May God protect you and your families from all the snares of the evil one. 
Yours in Christ 
+ Nkosinathi Natal